A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created for the Extra Credits game jam #4 where the theme is Connect. In this game, you will play as a duck trying to connect the factions of the Fowl Five to fight the forces of darkness.


Programmer: Hylian42

Lead Artist: 64BitGamer

Character Artist: RulerWaffle

Writer: Xiaber

Writer: RebelFairPirate

Patch Notes V1.1

Fixed game breaking bug with pigeon story.

Cleaned up text box sizing.

Cleaned up duck positioning.


What the Duck.zip 97 MB
What the Duck V1.1.zip 97 MB


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Cute game with nice writing. A bit of work on making sure thing stay in text fields is the biggest complaint I have. I also really like how when you fail, you just go back a step and can retry, keeping things going through the story with little fear of lots of retreading. Go duck puns.